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I am a sociologist curious about the connections between economic development and the worlds of family and work. My research examines the gendered consequences of macro level social changes such as globalization, demographic shifts, immigration, and state policies. I am proud to work and teach at Stephen F. Austin State University, a public university in East Texas that serves a diverse group college students, many of whom bring a lifetime of rich experiences with them into the classroom.

Photo: Bathurst, NSW, Australia

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Your Grandfather is Wong Tin Lee: An Autoethnography of Family Secrets and Racial Formation in White Australia

Journal of Autoethnography (forthcoming 2024)

Women and Rural Industrialization: Garment Production Reaches Old Land and New Labor in Bangladesh

Women's Studies International Forum (July 2019)

Shifting the Burden to Daughters: A Qualitative Examination of Population Policy, Labor Migration, and Filial Responsibility in Rural Bangladesh

Qualitative Sociology Review (July 2018)

Young Women's Situation and Patriarchal Bargains

In: Women of Asia: Globalization, Development, and Gender Equity edited by Mehrangiz Najafizadeh and Linda Lindsey (2018)

Educated Girls, Absent Grooms, and Runaway Brides: Narrating Social Change in Bangladesh

Forum: Qualitative Social Research (2015)

Development and Daughters: Changing Familial Roles in Rural Bangladesh

Societies Without Borders (2011)

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